The Legacy Society

Our History, Our Vision
Our parish was established in New Kensington in 1904. The original building, St. Peter Church, was located along the railroad tracks on Constitution Boulevard. The land for the current site on Freeport Road was acquired in 1938.

Over 2,000 people were present at the groundbreaking for the new church in 1941. The story behind the building of our magnificent church is an epic legend. Our parish founders gave financial support and commitment of time and talents to build the new church which would be called Mount Saint Peter.

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We wish to thank all the parishioners of Saint Peter’s and their friends … we have carved their names upon the walls of our heart, that we may have them always before our mind and continue to hold them in high esteem and benediction.
Mount Saint Peter, Msgr, Nicola Fusco, 1970

Your membership in the Mount Saint Peter Legacy Society is essential in helping our parish fulfill its Gospel mission of reaching out to others in the future. You and your family enjoy a rich inheritance at Mount Saint Peter. Generations of worshipers have knelt in the same pews and have prayed the same prayers that you pray. Being part of the Mount Saint Peter Legacy Society will guarantee that future generations have the same opportunity.

Will You Take the Next Step?

  • If you are interested in making a planned gift to Mount Saint Peter Parish please fill out the Inquiry Form and return it to the Parish Office.
  • If you have already made provisions for a planned gift to our parish, we are deeply grateful for your commitment. Please complete the Confidential Enrollment Form and return it to the office.
  • The amount of your intended gift will never be publicly disclosed. Participation in the Mount Saint Peter Legacy Society will also give you the satisfaction of knowing your faith-filled stewardship will provide for our parish beyond your lifetime.