Special Projects

From time to time, special projects arise that provide the opportunity to generate funds for the parish in response to a specific need.  An example is the recent addition of the statues of Mary and the Apostles that now keep watch over our children in the rear parking lot. 

An unfinished project from the time of Monsignor Fusco, a deteriorating wall in need of repair, and the need to generate income to fund a new youth ministry position in the parish provided the inspiration for this memorial project which was put on the drawing board in late summer of 2007. 

Parishioners were invited to memorialize or honor loved ones by the purchase of a statue or a tribute stone.  Through the generosity of parishioners and friends of the Mount Saint PeterParish, the 13 statues were memorialized, carved, delivered, and 10 of them installed to date.  The final statues are set to be installed and memorial tributes are now being engraved.  In addition, memorial and tribute stones continue to be sold and engraved, with the dedication set for Spring, 2009.

In addition to the payment for the statues and stones, the funds generated from this project funded the repair of the wall in the back parking lot, and the salary for a new staff position, the Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry for the parish. 

Memorial Statue and Wall Restoration Project

As part of the ongoing upkeep and maintenance of our parish facilities, we have recently restored statues to the pillars in the parking lot. In keeping with the beauty of the interior of the church, these five-foot statues were handcrafted of marble, based on the design of the 12 apostles found in the Basilica of St. John Lateran in Rome. A statue of Mary, Queen of Apostles, has also been carved and will hold a central place in the arch that was constructed 50 years ago.

All thirteen statues have been memorialized by parishioners and friends of Mount Saint Peter Parish. Their names and the names of the apostles will be engraved on the pillars which hold the statues.

The old stone wall, constructed by Tony and Carmen Muto, has been restored and strengthened to hold these magnificent works of art.

Memorial / tribute opportunities for the coping stones on top of the wall are now available in one, two, and three foot sections. The cost is $300 per foot.

Monsignor Fusco asked the following question in his book titled Mount Saint Peter: The Story of Saint Peter’s Church in New Kensington:

“Mt. St. Peter is what God has given us through efforts of the older generation of our Parishioners, most of them immigrants and humble working men. Will the new and younger generation now be willing to guard, protect, support and keep alive what their fathers have handed down to them?”

You are invited to make a positive response to this question by considering a memorial gift to honor those who built this parish and handed on to us such a beautiful legacy, or a tribute in honor of a family member who is still living. Your positive response to Monsignor Fusco’s question will help to protect, support and keep alive the faith that our parents and grandparents have handed down to us.

The funds raised by this project are being used to fund the staff position of a full time youth minister in the parish, who will both minister to the youth and families and prepare our young people to share in the ministry and mission of Jesus Christ. This project gives us the wonderful opportunity to honor the men and women who built our church AND provide for the needs of those who will come after us.