Prayer Requests

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Title: Prayer Petition Name: Melmar Manzon

Details of Prayer Request: Please pray for my sister, Melody Manzon for healing of obsessive compulsive disorder and intrusive thoughts. Thank you.

Title: Good man Name: blank

Details of Prayer Request: Please pray for Anthony Bonfiglio as he fights cancer. Thank you and God bless you.

Title: Prayers for Heather Borga Name: Darlene Durand-President of St. Anthony Guild

Details of Prayer Request: Heather still needs your prayers... sadly she has lost her battle. Heather Passed away at 1:40 AM today. Please pray that she moves swiftly into the arms of our Savior

Title: Daughter Name: Chris

Details of Prayer Request: Please pray for my mom, . As she continues to battle stage 3 rectum cancer, please pray for complete healing as she approaches surgery in October. Pray for her wound to be healed, and the tumor to shrink and for her to stay hydrated. God bless.

Title: Second Mom Name: blank

Details of Prayer Request: Prayers for my "second" mom to continue to gather strength and get better daily to get home soon.

Title: President St Anthony Guild Name: Darlene D.

Details of Prayer Request: Please Pray for the return to health of HEATHER BORGA.

Title: Friend Name: anonymous

Details of Prayer Request: Lost a son due to overdose. Also, she is in hospital after getting run over by a car. Many surgeries to go.

Title: Hurricane Name: Annette G

Details of Prayer Request: Prayers to all that are dealing with Hurricane Florence!

Title: Prayers for Joey Dornetto                    Name: Joan R.

Details of Prayer Request: Prayers for Joey Dornetto. 2 years old. In Children’s hospital after hitting his head. MRI done. Looks like there may be a shadow but not certain at this time. Mary Ann is his grandmother.

Title: Jerry Garvey                    Name: Andrea S.

Details of Prayer Request: Successful results on your surgery and continued strength to your body.

Title: Successful Surgery for Darlene Durand          Name: Members of the St. Anthony Guild

Details of Prayer Request: Prayers are needed for Tuesday's hip surgery for Darlene.

Title: update                    Name: Denise A.

Details of Prayer Request: Just diagnosed with MS. Feeling very overwhelmed and depressed. Asking continued prayers that it's a slow progressing type. And there are always miracles. Praise God!

Title: Rest In Peace                       Name: Sherri

Doris Toney Rest In Peace

Title: prayer request                       Name: Denise A.

For positive results of brain MRI

Title: Health request for a friend.                    Name: Maria D.

Prayer for Annie’s recovery from her brain tumor without needing dangerous surgery

Title: Good Weather                   Name: M. Michael

Praying for good weather for this year’s Festa