Finance Council

In fidelity to Canon Law, the Parish Finance Council advises the pastor in matters related to the temporal administration of the parish. Specifically, the Council reviews the parish budget and works to generate revenue to fund the mission of Jesus Christ in the parish.

Members of the Parish Finance Council are Mary Calvanese, Daniel Casper, Thomas Roberts and Ronald Valasek. Members are appointed by the Pastor on the basis of their skills and commitment to the financial stability of the parish. In the future, members will be added to the Council to assist in developing a long range financial plan for the parish, including the growth of the parish endowment through planned giving.

The council meets on a quarterly basis with the Parish Business Manager and/or the Pastor.

Pastoral Council

The work of the Pastoral Council

In the years following the Second Vatican Council, many changes have occurred in the Church and the world.  These changes are reflected in our own diocese, one of the most remarkable being that vocations to the priesthood and religious life have decreased markedly.  As a result, parishes have been closed, merged or partnered.  At the same time, the spiritual needs of our parishioners continues tomultiply.  The good news is that the Holy Spirit is alive and active among us, urging us to use our gifts and talents for the good of our sisters and brothers.

There are two important questions that must be answered:  What needs to be done as the Church moves into the future and who is going to do it?  No one person has all the answers.  No one person can identify all the issues.  But we, working together as brothers and sisters in Christ, can begin to answer these questions as we move ahead.

The Pastoral Council, made up of ordinary parishioners, is designed to work with the Pastor in identifying the needs of the parish and then to chart a course that will help us, as Church, respond to those needs.  Members of the Pastoral Council are called to help shape the vision of the parish:  (Where do we see the parish moving in the next five to ten years?), and then to develop a plan that will motivate and inspire parishioners to reach that goal (What do we have to do to get there?).

Pastoral Council Members